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[Bosch SoftTec]

Apr 2018

Bosch SoftTec

Meet our new partner for 2018 – Bosch SoftTec!

Bosch SoftTec was founded in 2011 and is a 100% Bosch subsidiary with more than 200 employees working globally in six locations. They have offices in Hildesheim and Berlin in Germany, Shanghai and Suzhou in China, Palo Alto in USA and Bangalore in India, and from 2018 they opened up a new office in Belgrade, Serbia.

Bosch SoftTec’s mission is to “shape the future of connected mobility with its outstanding software-based Infotainment and Assistance Solutions for Connected Mobility. They offer customized software solutions that bind connected vehicle infotainment with consumer market trends and products, embracing the three software domains “embedded solutions” (in cars, motorbikes etc.), “cloud solutions” and “personal device solutions” (mobile phones). Core products and competencies of the Company are smartphone and cloud solutions, Connected Horizon Services, Personal Information Assistance, Fota Delta and Connected Vehicle. Since the beginning of 2018 Bosch SoftTec is part of Bosch’s newly founded division Connected Mobility Solutions.

At eMagine conference you will get the chance to meet people from Bosch SoftTec, but have in mind that they are also looking for new teammates! ” Bosch SoftTec is an attractive employer for out-of- the-box thinkers: You’ve got a head full of ideas and the technical skills to bring them to fruition. You’re looking for a space to develop yourself and explore your potential. You’re a true futurist who believes that digital technology can and will make life better for everybody. If this sounds like you, it’s time we get to know each other.”

Visit their website at: