Dr. Alexander Lawrence
Since June 2017, Alexander Lawrence is General Manager of Bosch SoftTec GmbH that develops software-based Infotainment and Assistance Solutions for Connected Mobility. Prior to that, he was Manager respectively Sales and Marketing Manager in several divisions of Robert Bosch GmbH, Bosch North America and Bosch Rexroth and he was Board Member at AVENTICS. Before he started his career at Bosch, the graduated Mechanical Engineer was Lieutenant Commander at the German Navy.
Connected mobility will transform the transportation industry so that no more will people feel like commuting is a chore and a loss of time. It paves the way for integration not only between the things we use, but between us as people and technology. If this sounds interesting to you, then Alexander’s talk will be the one to listen to. He will go through the new trends and advancements in this field, how they work and what direction this technology is taking.