Robert Miles
Robert Miles is a computer scientist and online educator with an interest in AI, particularly the risks and safety issues around advanced AI systems. For the last year or so he's run his own YouTube channel, making videos explaining our best understanding of the nature of the risks posed by the powerful AI systems we are likely to sooner or later create, and the technical research currently underway to understand and mitigate those risks.
In his talk Rob is going to take us through concepts like: Artificial General Intelligence, nature of goals and some of the ways intelligent beings go about achieving their goals. Drawing a line between the worldview that humans have and how AI might perceive the world, he will try to raise questions of safety and mention some of the ways how we as humans might go about resolving those issues. His intent with this speech is to interest young minds in contributing to this field, for rarely do people take the time to measure twice before cutting. When it comes to AI, wrong measures might cost us greatly.