Sonesh Shah
Sonesh is currently Vice President, Brand Marketing and Digital for the North American region of the Bosch Power Tool organization.  In his role, he is responsible for all Bosch Brand communication activities and Digital Transformation.  Sonesh’s role allows him to be at the intersection of customer experience, brand building and technology.  Previously, Sonesh led the eCommerce and Digital Marketing teams, did project management, and managed an international brand marketing team.
All the other speeches on this conference are talking about future technologies and how they impact their respective domains. In this speech Sonesh will explain how all these technologies together make an impact on leadership and business in general. Leaders will have to adapt and keep an eye out for the new players in the field, now more than ever. The very own tools that were effective before, are not only outdated, but are actually a huge burden on our business. They are slowing us down and we need to replace them with their digital counterparts from the ground up.